Confined in the darkness of our cabins, we travel the world without predefined destinations. We evolve within a rhizome made up of permanent redirects, leading us to cross so many landscapes, faces of humanity.
And all this without moving from our capsule, the center of the journey.
Like speculation that has gone mad, sometimes the machine decides the destination of the trip.
We see revolutions passing like wildfire shaping the landscape. Sometimes a single grain of sand can stem the machine, as a man alone can cause uplift.
These Means of Transport are extensions of ourselves that we worship as the cowboy worships his horse. However, are we doomed to helpless observation of external events?
Can we still stop the machines?
These means of locomotion, these extensions of ourselves must at no time slow down our wills, because we have the power to be free.

Technical sheet

Title : Anonymous Trips

Original title : Les voyages anonymes

Director : Stéphane Dalmard

Genre : MASHUP

Production : ChevalAveugle

Duration : 2 min 06 s

Year : 2010

Language : French

Format : 4/3 • SD • 1.33:1

Frame rate : 25 i/s

Thème : Et si on s'y mettait enfin ?

This film was made as part of the online competition of mashupfilmfestival.

Company Information : ChevalAveugle ®


Staging, shooting, post-production of film products
Individual Audiovisual Production Company
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Stéphane DALMARD
530-510-866 00011
Bank account
18, quai du Point du Jour
92659 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex
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