What types of services do you offer?

The company offers the capture of different types of events (sporting, associative, musical or other), the editing, the sound mixing and the film calibration.
The medias can be for broadcast diffusion (25 fps, Rec709, etc.), for cinema (24 fps, DCP, etc.) or even suitable for webcasting (30fps, 60fps).
The final products are delivered either on physical media (hard disks, SSD card, etc.) or as a download via a private link.

How do you bill services?

Any service is billed at 300 euro per day of work, plus travel costs.

What payment methods do you accept?

The most secure way to pay for a service is to make a transfer to the company's bank account. However, it is also possible to pay via a PayPal account or by credit card always via PayPal.

What software do you use for postproduction?

Is there any way to get video with better encoding?

The masters of films make it possible to offer very good quality videos. A high bitrate improves the broadcast quality. By default, the FullHD videos offered for download have a bitrate of 8Mbps, ideal for broadcasting on the web. However if you want a higher quality, you can contact the production in order to obtain a more qualitative file (mp4 at 16Mbps, Blu-Ray, DCP...).

How do you make a DCP version of a movie?

First, a calibration for cinema projection is carried out. For this, it is necessary to work in a color space corresponding to the standards of digital cinema [DCI]. Then the DCP is carried out with DCP-o-matic.

How to order a DCP?

The DCP of the film is written to an external hard drive or SSD and sent by post. You are charged the price of the storage media (hard drive, SSD) plus the cost of shipping.

What licenses are you using?

The films and photos are offered under various creative common licenses.
For films, the license may vary depending on the different authorizations of the media used in the film.
For photographs the proposed license is CC-BY. So you can edit, use the photo for commercial purposes, share the photo under this license, but you must always mention the name of the photographer.

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